Karaoke popular songs to sing in Paris

Popular songs in Paris

Being popular in Paris is a great achievement, regardless of what how you gain it. You can be the richest guy around or date the most beautiful escorts in town to get the highest level of notoriety. But, the best thing about the French capital is that you can become the talk of the town if you can be exceptional in any domain, even karaoke singing. If this is your talent, you might want to consider the most popular songs to sing at a karaoke party there.

Old school hip-hop

French people love hip-hop. They even have a few famous bands and artists that play amazing songs and can rhyme as few other rappers can. Unfortunately, you cannot understand most of what they are saying without an escort Paris staying close and translating the lines for you.

If you want to impress the French public at a karaoke party, you can safely go with old-school American hip-hop. Your best choice in this regard should be “Can’t touch this” from MC Hammer, or anything you can remember from RUN DMC.

Oldies but Goldies

Everybody loves to hear classic hits now and then. French people get genuinely excited when they hear popular songs from the 50s or the 70s. Even young generations of escorts know most of the hits from half a century ago and sing along whenever they hear them on the radio. If you want to catch the eyes and years of these hot, beautiful ladies, you cannot go wrong with anything from Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra or Bob Dylan.

Travel back to the 80s

The enormous wave of pop music from the 1980s reached France as well and left here plenty of good songs around which locals created memorable experiences. If you are at a karaoke party in this country, and you are afraid of taking it to the stage, you can always choose a safe song from that era.

Songs from Michael Jackson, George Michael, and Prince are some of the crowd favorites. Also, you can sing a popular hit from Madonna, although your escort Paris is unlikely to sing along with you on “Like a Virgin.”

Rock the house

French people love to let everything loose and embrace a bit of debauchery with classic rock n roll songs. While everybody is singing contemporary hits at a karaoke party in the company of an escort Paris, you can surprise everyone by singing an old hit from Led Zeppelin or The Rolling Stones.

The beautiful, sexy escorts in France have a special bond with The Beatles, and they will be glad to see you play any of their famous hits. With a bit of luck, you might even convince one of them to join you on stage.

Play a romantic song

If everything else fails, remember you are in France, and the best way to impress the escorts in the room is to sing a romantic song. French girls go wild for a man who can touch their hearts with the power of sweet, loving lyrics.